“I have lived with back pain for years and have seen many doctors. No one really helped me until Dr. Karen. After my first treatment I felt better. I am now pain free and living life to the fullest.”

Betty Durington

“I first met Dr. Karen almost a year ago. My mom had chronic pain in her leg which made it hard for her to walk. Dr. Karen started working with my mom, adjusting her body gently. After the first treatment my mom was much better. Every time we saw her, mom got even better. Now we see her every couple of months and mom stays pain free. Thank you Dr. Karen, You’re the best!!!"

JLane, Hurst, TX

"Dr. Karen really helped my lower back pain so I could feel comfortable running again."

Lisa Beck, Division II All-American, Boston Marathon Runner.

"What a difference Dr. Karen has made in balancing my energy levels."

Whitney Gohlke


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