Symptoms caused by unhealthy digestion
  • Bloating after meals, clearing your throat
  • Gas, reflux, burning, ache, pain
  • Constipation, diarrhea
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Arthritis, stiffness
Diseases caused by unhealthy digestion

Three challenges to healthy digestion
  • Weight gain, pain and inflammation, mal-nutrition
Causes cravings & the body becomes very efficient at storing fat when it
does not get the nutrients it needs to work properly
  • Habits : Eating nutrient rich foods- Fresh veggies and fruits, preferably organic
-Food choices (rice-vs-bread/pasta), processed foods, restaurant choices
-Delete GMO foods -genetically modified foods (soy, corn, peanuts)
  • Open ICV (Iliocecal valve) valve between small and large intestine- worry, stress
Allows waste & toxin absorption- “Feel” joy & gratitude-reduces stress

Three keys to creating healthy digestion

  • Kill bugs (bacteria, parasites, fungus, virus)
castor oil ¼ teaspoon/day or herbs
  • Heal tissue (Absorb nutrients)
Fermented foods (probiotics), glutamine, fish oil, anti-inflammatory herbs
  • Elimination of waste and toxins- Increase water intake, herbs, lymphatic drainage


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